New yacht overseas handovers


New yacht overseas handovers

Buying a boat in Europe isn't a luxury, it's common sense.

Buying a boat in Europe is something we encourage and endorse at Vicsail Sydney. Many of the most beautiful yachting destinations are outside of Australian waters, so make the most of the fact that most of our range is built in Europe and can be picked up near the builder - therefore excluding taxes and shipping costs.

We make the entire process smooth and simple. We will handle communications throughout the construction and delivery phases, whilst weaving a path through the complications of commissioning, insurance, registration and after sales. That way you can enjoy a European summer on time, and in style!

Our service is unrivalled in European deliveries from Australia; we are your onsite and direct point of call, enabling an organised and calm transition into your new surroundings. We assist in building your confidence with your new yacht whilst providing valuable insight into the waters you are embarking on. Our service and advice continues throughout your travels throughout the world.

A member of the Vicsail Sydney team will accompany you to the destination for handover. We will test and assess your yacht to ensure it is of the highest standard quality as you expected before beginning an intensive 5-7 day handover ensuring you are familiar with every aspect of your new yacht, signing off on your warranty right.

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